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Planning handicap-friendly vacations in 30A Florida starts with great accommodations that make every guest feel welcome—and a location mere minutes from one of the most handicap-friendly beach access points in the region.

For so many families, wheelchairs and other mobility devices are a part of life. Yet, when you’re planning a vacation with a wheelchair in tow, it can feel like nothing fits your family’s needs.

Only a small fraction of the beach access points in the region are handicap-friendly, with ramps and other accommodations that can help everyone in your party get safely to the beach. Finding a vacation home rental that meets your unique needs can be even harder than finding handicap-friendly beaches and activities.

At the Latitudes and Attitudes on 30A ultimate beach house, we want to make the handicap-friendly vacation of your dreams come true. We’ve designed our one-of-a-kind vacation rental home with families looking for homes that can accommodate the needs of guests who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices in mind.

Handicap-Friendly Accommodations on 30A Florida

Take a glimpse inside the Latitudes and Attitudes on 30A beach house, and you’ll see a range of handicap-friendly features that are hard to find in a rental property, especially in this area. In our experience, very few houses offer the kind of handicap-friendly features we do.

  • A handicap-friendly master suite is conveniently located on the same floor as the living room, kitchen, and dining room, so you can sleep comfortably and have privacy while being based in a central location throughout your stay.
  • A spacious handicap-friendly bathroom, complete with a roll-in shower, bench, and handicap-friendly toilet on the same floor as the living room, kitchen, and dining room.
  • An elevator that provides handicap-friendly transportation from the ground level of the home all the way up to the fourth floor, so you’ll never miss out on
  • Wide doors that make maneuvering through every floor of the house simple and stress-free.

Aside from these features of our handicap-friendly house plans, what makes the Latitudes and Attitudes on 30A beach house perfect for handicap-friendly vacations is its proximity to the stunning handicap-friendly beaches near us.

30A Handicap-Friendly Beach Access

The beautiful beach towns of 30A Florida are home to more than half a dozen handicap-accessible beach access points—including one just a two-minute trip from the Latitudes and Attitudes on 30A beach house.

Inlet Beach Handicap-Friendly Beach Access 2 Minutes From Your Home Away From Home

Access 2B Inlet Beach Regional Access, located at 438 South Orange Street Center in Inlet Beach, features three dune walkover ramps so wheelchair users and others who use mobility devices can get to the beach safely.

Handicap-friendly Inlet Beach, 30A Florida

There’s no need to pack up the car. This handicap-friendly access point is just 2 minutes from our ultimate beach house on foot or by wheelchair.

30A Handicap-Friendly Beach Access in Other Communities

Beyond Inlet Beach, wheelchair-friendly beach access points throughout the 30A beaches include:

*The beaches listed above are categorized as “ADA compatible” Walton County, Florida. For a full list of beach access locations and their properties, including ADA compatibility, check out the official Walton County Beach Access Selection Chart here.

Your family will love visiting 30A Florida, and our accommodations and location near handicap-friendly beach access points will ensure that nothing gets in the way of enjoying your vacation.

Book your handicap-friendly stay at Latitudes and Attitudes on 30A today!

Please note: The Latitudes and Attitudes beach house strives to provide an environment that is safe, convenient and enjoyable for guests with disabilities. However, it is not approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and does not claim to be ADA approved or accessible, hence our use of the term “handicap-friendly.”

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