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Planning a destination wedding? Look no farther than 30A Florida.

Rosemary Beach, a mile to our west, has gained a reputation as the most high-end wedding destination in the South. And that makes our location in scenic Inlet Beach one of the best-kept secrets of destination weddings.

You could spend $75,000 – or even $100,000 – to get married in gorgeous but pricy Rosemary Beach. Or you could enjoy the same stunning scenery at a fraction of the cost here in Inlet Beach.

The wedding (and honeymoon) of your dreams is within reach, and you don’t have to saddle your marriage with crippling debt to get it.

The Inlet Beach Wedding You’ve Always Wanted

How do you envision your wedding day?

Can you see yourself walking down a simple aisle of sugar-white sand strewn with the vibrant petals of tropical flowers?

Will you say your vows over the gentle swishes and splashes of the turquoise Gulf waters?

Are you imagining the dramatic backdrop of a colorful sunset or the peaceful tranquility of the warm afternoon glow?

30A beach wedding
IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain

Whether your wedding style is casual or elegant, shabby-chic or black-tie, a perfectly customized ceremony at Inlet Beach will match your visions exactly.

Hold your reception at a breathtaking Inlet Beach wedding venue or at any one of the exquisite venues scattered across South Walton. Or keep it simple – but classy – with a catered reception directly on the beach.

After all, you’re already in a picturesque paradise that has repeatedly been ranked among the best beaches not only in America, but in the world. Why not take advantage of this panoramic natural beauty for every moment of your nuptials?

Inlet Beach, Florida weddings combine the spectacular natural beauty unique to the Emerald Coast with the intimate retreat of this hidden gem of a coastal community.

Southern Living and Travel + Leisure have highlighted the wonder of our little section of the Florida Panhandle, naming Inlet Beach among the top “beaches that look like the Caribbean” and South Walton County a “trending destination” for 2022. Read more about what they had to say.  

6 Reasons Why 30A Weddings Are Unforgettable  

More couples than ever are choosing to tie the knot right in Inlet Beach. Here’s why:

1. The amazing scenery that sets the Florida Panhandle apart

All over the world, brides spend thousands upon thousands to create a look that’s suitable for their wedding. But a destination wedding is all about the natural beauty of the scenery around you.

And it’s no wonder South Walton has become such a sought-after wedding destination. Here, you’ll find unrivaled panoramic views of soft white sand and clear turquoise water.

That means every one of your wedding photos is effortlessly placed against a perfectly picturesque backdrop. The view from every seat in every row of a beachfront ceremony, from every table at the refined reception, and from every spot on the dance floor is flawless.

You won’t find a view quite like the scenic beach communities of 30A Florida anywhere else in the world.2.

2. The privacy that comes with a hidden gem of a wedding destination

Whether your wedding consists of 20 guests or 200 guests, one thing’s for sure: you want your special day to feel intimate. You don’t want the most memorable day of your life to be marred by the throngs of crowds you’ll find in other Florida beach towns.

The pristine beaches of 30A are among Florida’s best-kept secrets. You won’t feel like you’re fighting the crowds or getting lost in the shuffle. Instead, your beachside ceremony will be every bit the tranquil, intimate retreat you’ve been dreaming of.  

3. The exclusivity of a wedding destination sought after by the stars

Our quiet, secluded beaches on the Gulf coast may feel like your own private hideaway, but they’re far from the boondocks. In fact, the 30A area is a favorite destination of celebrities.

A-list actors and actresses, world-famous singers (especially country music stars), top-performing pro athletes, celebrity chefs and more flock to South Walton to spend their off-time here on our unmatched beaches.

With millions of dollars to spend and private jets at their disposal, they could vacation literally anywhere in the world. They choose to spend their precious time right here in 30A Florida.

In fact, in the Inlet Beach neighborhood around our Latitudes and Attitudes ultimate beach house rental, you’ll find vacation homes that have been owned by such famous figures as Tom Hanks, Blake Shelton, Lady A (formerly Lady Antebellum) and more.

Shouldn’t your wedding venue be a destination worthy of the stars?

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain

4. The sanity-saving serenity of our uniquely calm coastal towns.

For too many brides and grooms, planning the most wonderful day of your life is anything but wonderful. The logistics of organizing everything makes for a big headache.

The cure? Stepping into the warmer climate and slower pace of 30A life.

Take a step back from the stress of wedding planning. Once you’re here, you’re on “beach time.” That means your worries are over.

Weddings can so easily morph into high-strung productions with such tight schedules and complicated rehearsals that it feels more like a movie script than your own real life. This stress can make you miss out on the most important moments. But here, it’s easy to have a ceremony and reception that’s as simple as it is spectacular.

30A brides and grooms love that they can trust their special day to experienced wedding professionals or effortlessly manage a simple beachside ceremony and catered reception on their own.

Either way, holding your wedding on “beach time” lets you cut down on the stress of planning and remember what really matters: marrying your significant other and celebrating that union with those closest to you.

5. A robust network of wedding specialists and professionals to make your bridal dreams come true

With the increasing popularity of 30A weddings, our area has become home to some of the most talented wedding professionals in the industry.

Right in the backyard of your home-away-from-home, you’ll find exceptional:

  • 30A wedding planners and coordinators
  • 30A wedding photographers
  • 30A wedding videographers
  • 30A wedding venues
  • 30A wedding caterers
  • 30A wedding cake bakers
  • 30A wedding officiants
  • 30A wedding DJs
  • 30A wedding bands
  • 30A wedding rental services
  • 30A wedding florists
  • 30A wedding hair and makeup professionals
  • Other types of 30a wedding vendors

If you’re ready to begin planning and exploring your options, 30A Weddings is a great resource for getting started.

6. Unique accommodations that keep the party going long after the reception ends

Your wedding is a rare chance to be surrounded by the people you love most all at the same time. But the ceremony and reception will be over in the blink of an eye.

Why not gather all of the guests at your destination wedding – or, if a large wedding, a whole side of the family – into one massive space together to enjoy a communal vacation after the wedding is over?

30a wedding house rentals, like Latitudes and Attitudes ultimate beach house, provide elegant accommodations and plenty of space for a whole party. In our 4,500-square-foot beach home rental, as many as 20 people can share the space comfortably. There’s also a 51-foot pool big enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Reserving a block of hotel rooms is so impersonal and so overdone. When you stay at 30A wedding houses like ours, you get all the best of wedding accommodations: intimacy as a couple and time together with family and friends. Latitudes and Attitudes offers the privacy of five master suites plus the comfort of plenty of common areas for guest to congregate in.

Because the house is all yours, you can rest easy without worrying about the distractions of noisy crowds or of inconsiderate guests tramping down corridors at inconvenient times.

Book your 30A beach house wedding accommodations here.

All the Beauty of a Six-Figure Destination Wedding – at a Fraction of the Cost

A beach wedding in Inlet Beach provides the same sun-soaked bridal experience as you’ll find a mile to our west in Rosemary Beach, but without the unmanageable price tag.


In general, the cost to rent property in Rosemary Beach is about 40 to 50 percent more than Inlet Beach. When you’re looking at trimming the outrageous cost of a 30A beach wedding, making this tiny shift in location puts so much money back in your budget – without sacrificing the beautiful beach views you’ve been longing for.

Our Gulf views and soft white sand are every bit as breathtaking as those of our neighboring beaches, but the cost is so much more reasonable. That’s why budget-conscious brides – and even those who want to pull out all the stops but don’t want to go into their marriage with so much wedding debt – are increasingly choosing to hold their weddings just a little farther east.

By getting married here in Inlet Beach instead of Rosemary Beach or Alys Beach, they can get everything they want at a price point that better fits their budget. No compromises, no sacrifices, just the wedding of your dreams.

IMAGE SOURCE: Pixabay, public domain

You can make your Inlet Beach wedding as simple or as lavish as you wish.

For as little as $50, you could secure a permit for a small, intimate beach wedding.

You can rent tents and chairs and have a catered reception or move the party to a luxurious indoor venue, depending on your preferences. Many modern brides and grooms enjoy adding a special bonfire to their wedding experience, either as a memorable twist on the traditional rehearsal dinner or as a dramatic and romantic end to their ceremony and reception.

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