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How close, exactly?

Our post earlier this month about the Cobia Snorkel Reef – a truly can’t-miss marvel of Inlet Beach – has people are asking just how close our ultimate beach house is to the artificial reef. See for yourself: You can’t get much closer than… Continue Reading “How close, exactly?”

Exploring Inlet Beach’s Cobia Reef

Here’s all you need to know about visiting the artificial reef – on your own or as part of a tour. We couldn’t resist sharing this gorgeous photo of Cobia Reef, the thriving artificial reef located just off the coast of our ultimate beach… Continue Reading “Exploring Inlet Beach’s Cobia Reef”

Days of Fun and Sun: Swim Your Own Way

Chances are, you’re not the go-with-the-flow, follow-the-crowd type. If you were, you’d likely be looking at a tourist trap like Miami or Orlando for your next vacation. After all, we don’t call the 30A region of Florida a “hidden gem” for nothing. We love… Continue Reading “Days of Fun and Sun: Swim Your Own Way”

Days of Fun and Sun: Endless Summer

With Labor Day approaching, summer is nearing its end – but not here. At Latitudes and Attitudes on 30A, summer never ends. Our mild temperatures and scenic beach landscape make it feel like the best season of the year all year long. That’s why… Continue Reading “Days of Fun and Sun: Endless Summer”

Days of Fun and Sun: Sea Turtles

For sea turtles, the beach is home – the place where life begins. Maybe we should all take a lesson from sea turtles. Unlike the sea turtle hatchlings, most of us don’t begin our lives on the beach, yet there’s something awe-inspiring that draws… Continue Reading “Days of Fun and Sun: Sea Turtles”